Wendy's: We want veggie burgers in our town too!

Wendy's is testing veggie burgers at 24 locations in 3 states: Ohio, Utah, South Carolina. That's great, but we want veggie burgers at all locations.

Tell Wendy's you want veggie burgers

Wendy's is currently testing vegan black bean burgers across the country. If you live near one of these locations, go buy a burger to show your support. We need to show Wendy's how much we want vegan options.

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Do you live in Ohio, Utah or South Carolina?

By testing the veggie burger at these states, Wendy's is gauging the interest in vegetarian options. Based on how well the black bean burger sells at these locations, Wendy's may then choose to roll out vegetarian options to their other stores. So if you live near one of these locations, please go out to your local store and show your support. Check out the map and list of locations below.

Wendy's Menu

Wendy's locations with the new veggie burger: