BREAKING: Walmart & Target rolling out 43 new vegan products. Find out if they are in your area

In the next few weeks both Walmart and Target are rolling out 43 new vegan products from Hampton Creek at stores across the country. Vegan brownies, muffins, salad dressing, cookies, pancake mix and scramble may be coming to a Walmart or Target near you.

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The new vegan brownie mix, cookies, muffins, pancake mix and more are rolling out at Walmart & Target beginning March 19

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Wow! 43 New Vegan Products at America's Biggest Retailers

Fortune Magazine is reporting that Hampton Creek Foods will be rolling out these new products starting this month. You may know Hampton Creek from Just Mayo, their vegan mayo that is already available at grocery stores across the country.

Where can I get them? When? The new products will be available at Walmart & Supertargets first, then will be rolled out to regular Targets in the next few months.

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New products from Hampton Creek
Just cookies at Super Target